Engine for rebuild or spares


I have an 08 Daytona 675 engine with just over 16k miles on it. Unofrtunately, it’s lost its big end bearing (shavings of it were in the sump). Apart from that, it all looks well.

Needing to get rid of it to scrape back some of the money I spent on a new engine.

So if you or anyone you know who wants a rebuild project then let me know.


how much are you looking to get for it?

Kin hell, what a bummer! I can remember when you’d only just got it. :crying:

I ended up selling my entire '07 675 to trade at scrap value a couple of months back. Have you tried seeing if there’s any interest on http://www.675.cc/675/ ? Or Tony at T3 may be able to put you on to someone.

I’d be hoping to get around £500 for it. Though I’d rather get rid of it all in a oner.

I know, it didn’t last a year with me haha. Ah well. Brand new engine in it now. Hopefully that’ll last me a while haha

I bought an entire engine, clutch and gear box for a GSXR for £250, the bike had been in a crash, written off, but the engine was untouched (head on).

Even the pipe fittings were fine.

I think perhaps £500 for a busted engine that will require considerable work is a bit optimistic?

e2a: only had 4k miles on it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Shavings of the big end were found in the sump :w00t:

Chances are some of that has followed the oil around the engine and caused untold other damage, possible restricting the oil ways too. The engine requires a complete strip down and thorough inspection before you can fob it off as ‘apart from that, it all looks well’.