Engagement Rings...

I’ve been out of the game for a while ;-). In fact, it’s our 14th Anniversary this year… but I find myself needing to buy an engagement ring.

Ok, I don’t need to as such, but I want to. My wife managed to lose her engagement ring a couple of years back. She has to take her rings off for work (can’t perform surgery with rings on!), and it must have worked itself loose. The ring was commensurate with my finances when I proposed (18 years ago now!), so it wasn’t hugely expensive. It had a 1/4 carat VS/G diamond and was in 18 carat yellow gold.

I now want to buy her a replacement, but I don’t know where to look! Ideally I’d like to buy something bigger - she doesn’t like “huge” stones, but at least half a carat or 2/3 would be reasonable, of a good quality. So, the question - where do I go to look??!?!

(The last ring was made by a jeweller in Warsaw with a stone I bought in South Africa, I have no idea how the market works in London but I won’t have time to travel to buy this one so need to buy locally…).

Many thanks for any help,


Get her a tatoo round her finger so she doesn’t lose it this time :stuck_out_tongue:

I Got mine from here , plus our wedding rings.


You choose the design then you can specify which size / quality stone to fit.

I could give you a contact or two down at Hatton Garden.

Hatton Garden is the best place, loads there all in competition, so you tend to get a good deal. PRices in the shop window are probably 20% above what you end up paying, everything can be bought at a ‘special price’

Get in touch with Sneaky, i’m sure he will be able to help you with your needs.

Thanks guys. Lots of people said the same thing, so we’ve gone to Hatton Garden. So much choice here! Have PM’d waxy for contacts :slight_smile:


Try googling DA Soley. We did Burlington Arcade and Hatton Garden and he made our ring for us far cheaper. He has also done rings for a few Royals so i guess he must be quite good.

Argos. :slight_smile:

Beat me to it. Quality and value - want more do you want?

argos … he’s not trying to marry a 16 years old girl he got pregnant by mistake ffs :laugh:

My engagement ring was from Argos :Whistling:

Oi - I bought my (ex)wife an engagement ring from Argos. Took to her to a World Cup for a honeymoon too :stuck_out_tongue:

:laugh::laugh: thank you both very much for proving my point

All I would say is mixed marriages often struggle for lots of other reasons…

My own fault for marrying a northerner I guess :smiley:

i bought my wifes from hatton garden, it takes a day but by the end off the day the diamond cost 50% less the first price they gave. know what sort of ring your looking at at pick 4/5 shops and start walking and haggling.

Argos…leaves more money for important stuff like ya bike :smiley:

looks like argos is the way forward…I’d add a Tiffany box from E-bay

I have never bought a girl a ring … they did used to look in fear if I burst in the bedroom and shouted “RING ENGAGMENT TIME” …Instiling fear in the sound of those words is a good mind tactic . However sometimes instead of embarassing I can be okayish and I bought a pair of earings and necklace from Tiffanys … The chain arrived tangled in a knot that took me aaages to unpick with 2 pins and then they started sending catterlugs in the post and I hate junk mail .So I wont be buying there anymore and if no one else buys anything from there it will make me happy .

On topic rant hijack completed :hehe:

I’d get in touch with Sneaky too! He’s only been in HG going on 33yrs, but he knows a thing or two about supplying diamonds!:smiley: