Endurance Racing

A few of the LB members are doing a 5 hour endurance race at Lydd in Kent this Sunday for " CHARITY " all the money is going to "SERV " the blood run people, would be great to see some of you there to cheer us on .

Lydd has a new restaurant and coffee shop so if its cold you can always warm yourselves in there!!

We start at 9.00 and we have one hour to build the bike?? Then at 10.00 its a LE MANS type start where we have to run to the bike start it and then start racing for five … very long hours.

The bikes are NOT road bikes but are Stomp bikes ie little small 140cc pit bikes !!! Be great to see you there.


Will try and get down sometime in the morning and offer my support :cool:

As long as it’s not too cold that is.