Employment Legal advice needed

Have an employment situation i could do with some friendly advice on so i am hoping that LB’s friendly legal types can help me with. Basically i am have been in my new job for 6 months now and my original 3 month probation has been extended twice not because of ‘doing anything wrong’ just we have 2 offices who work slightly differently and they will ultimately want me to work the same way as the other office. My problem is that me next hearing is next week and wondered where i stand leagally if they decide to say thanks but no thanks. I havent been told of any mistakes i may have made, my line manager is happy with what i do and how i do it (which is exactly the same as my colleague who is on a perm contract anyway). The boss has made noises about money though. Does the company have to pay me off - so to speak etc

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance all

Short answer.


To make any claim for unfair dismissal currently requires 1 year of continuous employment (This definition can be stretched slightly).

As you have been an employee for only 6 months you are not entitled to make such a claim. Which means that you can be fired without explanation or reason. You should still be entitled to things such as accrued holiday pay and sick pay, depending on the type of contract you are on and what days you have taken, but apart from that I cannot think of any legal protections you have.

I am by no means an employment specialist and there may be things I have not considered, but on the face of it that would appear to be the situation.

Thanks Kaos, was kinda hoping you were around. I know i have no claim on redundancy etc just wondered if i had any legal protection at all, you have just confirmed my suspicions.

The general feeling on ‘shopfloor’ is that they are taking the mick and treating me poorly and that he will get rid of me and get someone to do the same job for less.

I think they just increased the redundancy limit to 2 years again, was down to 1 year for awhile there.

This is mostly a shameless bump in case someone more versed in employment law has any ideas.

Not an expert on legals but I do know they have changed temporary working arrangements that after 12 weeks temps need to be given same pay and rights as full time employees - including hourly rate. Not sure if this applies to you.

We have a temp and after 12 weeks we adjusted to make sure his hourly rate he receives from temp agency is same as our full time employees. Trouble is when you add agency fee’s you then as an employer get forced to make your mind up to hire the temp to save paying more than a full time employee (eg agency fee’s) or let them go and start the 12 week clock running with a new temp. We prefer to hire temps and make the good ones full time - but not everyone does !

Not a temp but offered the full time perm back in October with a 3 month probation, extended twice, third probation meeting on Monday. This company bought some Publications from my previous company and i came with them as my previous temp contract finished at the same time. Just really annoying that the reason they give for extending - not following the head office workflows as they are not in place in this office yet so consquentially no one here can - they havent really dont anything to change things, in fact my line manager is happy with what i am doing, just doesnt say it in the hearings! Still every cloud etc - looking forward to a few weeks off, half term on the way too, better weather and a new bike on the horizon!

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start looking for a new job if I were you

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