London Bikers.This is the bottle of Vodka Talking :smiley:

I just wanted to say that I love you all. And thanks for putting up with me. :smiley: Some real decent people on here so If anyone ever needs any help then hit me up just to chat. This is ya biggest fan. Stan

Serious though bunch of great people. This forum isn’t like the others. Never get anyone on here wanting to start a fight no matter what you say to people. Had it before on other forums people get all lemon about jokes and that.

But really…Thank you all…Proper Bikers…One Love

The Moto-King.

You’ve gone down in my estimation. Soft. :D:D:D

Give me a hug man :blush:

You can’t be looking too hard if you don’t see the fights:w00t::smiley:

If you love us all so much why don’t you come out to play?:slight_smile:

I will Jet… I’ll be there toe to toe with ya…Next weekend im free

did you go out tonight moto, if so how was it?

Na didn’t mate. On me way to the venue new cross now in cab… iPhone en it

as in the club lol, never been there i have been told that i should try it out. check ya pm

Keep eyes open in New Cross: http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic816550-58-1.aspx

"… a bottle of Vodka Talking"

Just that and you get all emotional?


how u feeling today u big soft poofter…:P:D

bet u rough as a honey badgers arse:laugh:

lol im ok mate…:slight_smile:

I am giving up drinking now…this weren’t me talking…:stuck_out_tongue:

I have a confession to make. I’m not really The Moto-King…LolMy real name is Keith.