emergency leather repairs

just been checking out my suit and found a hole in the forearm about the size of a 5 pence piece

its gone through the first layer but not the second and there is armour underneath aswell so you cant see any skin.
Would this be a fai on scrutineering you reckon?
I remember seeeing a post about a leather repair man in Hoddesdon area, thats only up the road so would be damn handy if anyone knows who i mean and has the number…!!

need them before next friday!!!

give wasp a pm mate !!!

You mean Nick Nicholson?

I used him years ago but I think he is now retired.

Wasp is your best bet now:cool:

it does’nt sound like they’d fail you on it as its not gone through second layer but i can stick a small patch on it if your worried about it failing…only 5 min job:D