Ello ello...

Hello folks,

I was on here before as Stevie Ramone but can’t remember my password and the password link ain’t working, so signed up again under one of the nicknames I acquired before (It’s better than Stevie Sicknote :D)

No bike at the moment - I’ve had to face up to being an alcoholic (that might not surprise some of you lol) and sorting out my debts, flat, relationships and life in general. Also going to AA every night at the moment, but the one thing I have in my head is to get back on a bike once I’ve gotten my $hit together.

Anyways, if y’all don’t catch me here, no doubt I’ll be invading a thread near you soon :wink:


Blimey. We wondered where you’d gone. Welcome back:) (Yes your nemesis is still here)

Look forward to seeing you again some time soon Stevie :kiss:

hehe… i try not to have nemeses these days - but I might make an exception for you two :smiley:

thanks for the welcome back :wink:

its gonna be a while before I’m back on 2 wheels, but I figured getting back on here is a good start - it’ll help to keep me focused on what I want to achieve.

hope y’all are well :slight_smile:

Welcome back. Stay strong.


Hello & welcome back :slight_smile:

Good luck with the program & geting yourself sorted :wink:

Go on then … I’ll say hello too :wink:

We’ve missed ya :sick: :laugh:

Welcome back buddy - and good luck with everything.

Welcome back

Welcome back mate. Stay on the straight and narrow, and if you need help remember that people of here will help, you just need to ask.

Stevie Boy, long time. Sounds like you have had some difficulties to sort out…but keep strong mate.

Am over in Lagos for a while yet - but do pm me if you want a sounding board / support.

Fingers crossed for you and hope to see you on two wheels before two long.


Thanks all - tis nice to be back :slight_smile:

welcome back

Good to see you posting again, was wondering what happened to you (even went to the trouble of finding your old blog!)

hey, its Stevie, good to read you again ! :slight_smile:

Welcome back Stevie :slight_smile: Good luck with everything x

Mate good to see you back. A word or three of advice, stay clear of Mrs J she is the devils crud and steers you where you would not wish to go. I should know. She`s probing me now as I post a lucid post.


Hello again!!

Bloody hell, hearing your name again brought back a few memories, good to see you back mate, get yourself sorted and get back into biking, it’s good medicine mate:D