a mate of mine had similar electrical problems with a 600 bandit, went to dealers and it was “fixed” for a week.

in the end the solution was to take the carbs out and clean them, problem sorted.

every one else said about new batteries and sparks, it turned out to be a fuel problem.

Has the battery taken/held the charge?

You need to get a multimeter and run some tests.(Measure the voltage)

My VFR stands at approx. 13.2V…drops to between 10 & 11 when cranking to start and then fluctuates around 13.8>14 when running, which indicates a correct charging system. (Reg/rec, alternator).



I am not quite clear of the fault but here goes

  1. does the lights on the dash come on brightly when the ignition is on

  2. With the ign on try the headlamp on full beam and indicators see if they are bright

  3. if all is well with the lights And dash i will guess strongly that the starter motor is faulty espicaly if the bike goes with a boost or bump start

if you need any more help pm me and i will give you my phone number and we can have a chat maybe i can help