Effect of new Buslanes to your commute

I think the boroughs will follow in time - they’re like sheep and are waiting to see what the others do…

Ealing annouced that it will allow them and as has been said Kingston allow some but may allow more. Hammersmith and Fulham are running a trial on 2 routes so let’s see…

Tobes! I’m liking the sound of my T-Shirt mate…


In a way it doesn’t matter. We collectively got Boris to adopt a pro-motorcycle policy before he was elected (I suspect he saw it as a vote winner TBH) and the previous Mayors suppression of the safety benefits was exposed for what it was…oh yeah and Tobi was proved wrong!:smiley:

that should go on the back of the TShirt :w00t: :wink:

i come up from clapham to clerkenwell and it seems that pretty much every bus lane on my route is now opened up to bikes. not much traffic this week though, but i am sure once there is the lanes will trim 5 mins off my journey.

which means 5 more mins in bed.

bravo Sir Boris.

though he is still a bumbling idiot 95% of the time.

I had a very nice letter from TFL this morning explaining that I can use bus lanes from now on

Thanks Boris:cool:

unlike some fairweather riders we found this out by looking at the signs on our daily commute :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’ve just got back from abroad so didn’t see the signs until I went for a blast yesterday… I was a bit sceptical, especially when I went past the lane camera! But then there was no flash and I was gigling with joy. When the bus lane is free it’s absolute joy! Feels a lot safer too basically having your own lane lol…

Seeing as i have been allowed to use bus lanes legally a lot longer than you Pan , I look at bus lane signs all day long:P:D

eh? :ermm: please explain :wink:

Shame the lanes are full of buses, though. Ban them!


we should start a petition! :smiley:

No idea how it affected journey time as I wasn’t at my usual place of work but my ‘near-miss count’ had almost reached double figures by the time i got home!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly alot safer for me now!

Yes, it’s good to slip past the long queues bu using the bus lane. The big problem I’ve found on the South “Circular” is when you get to the end.

Because I’m not big, red and weighing 12 tons, no bu**er wants to let me out.

Using the bus lanes in Clapham/Tooting/Stockwell/ battersea - where there are loads, I have found almost no trouble getting back into trafic as necessary. Other vehicles (including most cyclists) have been very courtious. Just plan ahead, make sure you can be seen by the car you want to let you in, signal well in advance, and slowly move over into the gap. Every time I have done this the vehicle has kept the gap open for me.

Why are they wasting money writing to people? (I thought you didn’t even live in London)

I’ve noticed the same, Giuliano. People are generally really good about it, including cyclists. I do always give way to them, though, and make sure they get a wide berth.

One thing I have noticed is that some bus lanes have long ‘knuckles’ where the weight of the buses has deformed the road surface; it makes everything behave very strangely if you have to ride over them. Be careful…