Effect of new Buslanes to your commute

Coming in to work this morning i was paying particular attention to the bus lane signs (while still keeping an eye on the trafic obviously)

I only had one bus lane available to me that i didnt up to now - the one on Park Lane.

Even if Ealing said it joined Uxbridge Road seem to be the same - well the signs said so… :blink:

so how much effect did BL day had on you?

It would’ve had an enormous effect - if there’d been any traffic.

As it was, it seems many people have taken an extra day off. I didn’t need to dive into the bus lanes much.

I reckon it’ll save me a good five or ten minutes out of my hour-long commute, though - so when there’s some proper traffic I’ll vote in the poll.

No difference to me, it’s only the 200m on the Newington Butts approach to Elephant & Castle roundabout that I legally couldn’t go in before, but there’s no cameras on it so it’s been pretty much ignored by all bikes anyway…

Doesn’t affect me anymore, but I used to use all the bus lanes anyway - so it wouldn’t have mattered:)

so it wasn’t just me who thought it was dead out there…

It actually helped me, I usually detour thought camden and regents part to get onto the a40, but today just went down holloway road and onto the A5001 outside kingscross and rode in the bus lanes there… was quite good actually.

Naughty! :stuck_out_tongue:

Coming from Essex, I used to leave the M11, go down to the A13 and then along Highway etc to Parly Sq. That was about 30miles.

Due to the bus lane on the A11 Mile End Road, I can now save 3 miles each way: the equivalent of 1 journey a week. :slight_smile:

Use the Finchley Road, and that was part of the bus lane trial, and there are no other bus lanes that are of any use on my journey to work.

Could change the route and go up the Edgware Road instead, but even being able to use the bus lanes, not sure that that would be a good idea anyway.

Reading up on the actual rules surrounding this it’s actually unlikely to make that much of a difference to me either!


I particularly like the vague 7 page document that points out, for the first time, that 95% of bus routes in London are not managed by TFL and it’ll be up to them to allow bikes or not! :slight_smile:

Where is the “None - Left the bike at home due to living on an ungritted road” option?

Jackie and I are gutted as we looked forward to the new freedom as much of our route in on the A24/A3 has TFL bus lanes, and much of our route home through Nine Elms and battersea is the same.

Well it has made my journey in much better so Thank You Boris nice to see he kept his promise.

Does anyone know where I can get a 1 meg picture of Boris Johnson with his hand raised looking like he’s just won something… or at least waving to the rest of the inbred toff blue rinse brigade… I have a debt to fulfil and need a picture like this to do it…

dont forget to make a tshirt for McP :wink:

Id say 70% of my journey on A13 has a buslane i can now use legally. No traffic today but did use the buslane for alot of it.

Nice one Boris.

Awesome - all the way down Camden Road :smiley: tis wicked and saved a load of time am loving it Q

Looks like most of the bus lanes on my route aren’t owned by TfL. It’s a good start but they need to extend it to all bus lanes for it to be a proper trial.

I already had one bus lane that was open to bikes (Baywater Road) and so my gain was just Park Lane.

It would have been more beneficial had it not been full of big red vehicles full of people. They looked pretty menacing to the safety of cyclists and I for one would ban them.

seems we have similar route :wink:

I am disappointed as I was expecting to see some open BL in Ealing (mainly uxbridge road…??)

only new one for me is the A3 roehampton vale

after checking i found out that kingston already let bikers use the bus lanes…i been riding for 10 years in kingston and i never knew :hehe:

Kingston opened up busl anes two or three years ago - but they did not open up all of them. For example, New Malden to Kingston through Norbiton is open to bikes, but the bus lane in Tolworth broadway isn’t.