eco is coming

When we spotted Electric Motorsport last year the company was pushing a high-ish performance electric motorcycle prototype, with a top speed of 100 MPH, 100 mile range, a $15,000 pricetag, and a whole bunch ugly battery strapped underneath. Lucky for us, they’ve taken a very mass-market approach to their next bike, the GPR-S. Boasting a 60-70 MPH top speed and 35-60 mile range, the sleek little bike just might be the perfect commuter ride, and the $8,000 pricetag is much more palatable. The bike can charge in about four hours, or 1.5 hours with an optional speed charger. Even better, the bike is modular in nature, which means you’ll be able to swap in a better power system once one comes along with a minimum of hassle. Electric Motorsport has sold 25 of these so far, but they’re up and running and ready for sales at volume – which is surprisingly still an incredibly rare feat in the electric transportation industry, even in 2008.



no no no no no no i said nooooooooooo!!!

imho the Vectrix electric scooter looks WAY better. The bodywork covers the batteries and it ends up looking like any other scooter (except it’s better looking than a lot of other normal scoots).

I rode one a while back, and it was actually pretty good. Quick off the lights, and eerily quiet. V stable at low speeds, with all the battery weight down near the floor. It also does reverse (twist the throttle “backwards” - seems mad when you do it at first), which is almost entirely without practical use, but is great fun to try and do reverse U turns.

There’s still a massive problem with the short range though.

Hmmmm I could picture that bike as below! :D:w00t:


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