Just a little RANT you might say but TODAY I am £180 short. After an accident in 2006 when I was insured by ebike insurance I had my bike recovred from west London to Slough - GREEN FLAG who were organising the recovery told me my comrehensive insurance meant i would be covered for the transportation and mileage charge. Great I didn’t feel much like ride my scarped to hell bike back home after being discharged from Hospital!
I lodged a claim on the insurance, but after 6 months the police could not trace the driver - no one to claim against - I let the claim lapse and it was ut down to a non fault accident - 18 months later GREEN FLAG demanded the money from me - saying EBIKE insurance refuse liability. 4 months later Today - court proceedings are being persued by GREEN FLAG - will I win if I fight it - will the lawyer cost me more than £180 - probably - I paid up and will spend my time dissing both those companies till I am satisfied.
Have you ever tried to call EBIKE insurance? Don’t bother - their policies might look cheap - thats becuase they are CHEAP and looks like you get what you pay for. Comprehensive insurance is not always Comprehensive with EBIKEinsurance - surprisingly I have gone back to CArole NAsh as my preferred insurer - I suggest you consider my comment when choosing your insurer.!