eBike insurance?

Is anyone else with these muppets?

Thy. Cheapest I found by far. Why?

They are the cheapest, agreed. Have you claimed from them before, and did you have any problems?

im wish em not had to claim and dont plan to lol

Are you having issues with them?

Hi, i’ve been with them for 2 years, the cheapest i could get. Fortunately i never had to call them for some issue, touching wood, so far so good…

I’m with them, and have found them ok, but haven’t had to claim. Just never ring them on the number they give you, it costs £1:50/minute I think. If you go onto MCN and do another insurance quote then their freephone number comes up and you get put through to the same menu system, cept this call is free, or you can easily find national rate numbers online.

KTM-D with Gold advice YET AGAIN! (0844 number! :crazy:)

Yes, I’ve been with these since Feb 2010 and I’ve had to file a non-fault claim with these twice and both times has been a drama, with my scooter issues seemingly ignored after I chinned off their New-Law approved legal advice in favour of White Dalton, as they are already ‘handling’ something else from me thats been handled poorly (IMO).

So was just wondering if anyone had similar experiences and how they dealt with them

Haven’t needed to ring them for anything. And by the sounds of it hopefully never will have to.

Hehe, hold fire!

4th Dimension called me just now! Bike to be picked up tomorrow. Only happened Sunday night, so thats ok then

Was with them for several years but never had to claim. I liked how you could do all online like change policy details etc and see instant price difference for any change or additions before buying. Am with MCE now who have been brilliant and did a great job for a claim last year.

I’ve been with them since I had my XR 125 and now my Hornet - had to call out for a recovery today and this was arranged within the hour. Aside from that I’ve not had to claim from them and as everyone else said - they’re cheap. Only other advise is ride safe so you don’t have to call them (or whoever you insure with)

yep, my Husky was insured with them and fantastic service when I got taken out by a drunk driver in 2008.

Been with them for years, multi bike policies, ecar and evan.

My son claimed a couple of times and had no problems at all.

Just me twice then :frowning: