EBC Vs OEM (Honda)

Anyone had any experience with running these pads? I was given a Goldfren set all round and i’ve only tried them on the rear so far… certainly wont be using them up front :w00t: Unsure what to go for next.

Also, am i right in thinking that the OEM pads would be sintered (HH) up front and not (GG) on the rear?

Many thanks

EBC - Ever Been Conned?

Try Ferodo pads, essential rubber stock them, enough for rolling stoppies on a 11 year old bike…

The general consensus on the www.cbr-forum.org.uk is go for the oems.

I’ve got ebc hh’s on my cbr 600 fy and they are ok but feel a bit wooden compared to the originals and are certainly less progressive (ie they tend to come on quickly)

i used ebc pads on the rear of my gixxer and they grooved the disc. (wish i paid the extra £3.50 and got the suzuki ones)

nuffin wrong with EBC donald duck :smiley:

i use ebc pads all the time and never had any problems with them!

cheers guys, honda it is, seemingly one of the only OEM parts worth the money

Vote for oem here :smiley:

OEM or Ferodo. I’ve used EBC’s and they only lasted some 3650 miles! Ferodo’s last 10K or so and have better wet braking feel too.

A friend only uses OEM’s on his CBR600F as they do exactly what he needs, stop the bike!

I wouldn’t touch EBC pads. Bendix however, are excellent.

Never a problem saj, if you consider 2 weeks a good amount of time for a rear set to last :stuck_out_tongue:

don maybe ya should keep the rear brake pedal down the whole time you ride LOL

I’ve been advised to go with OEM by knowledable people.

EBC’s are ****, end of :stuck_out_tongue:

I aint touched EBC since the early 1990’s. They prolly do different qualities, but the one I used to use mullered the discs. I 1993 I used to pay £76 for a OE Fireblade f/pads. Some time later Honda put the prices down. I was very pleased with Ferodo’s in my Ducati. The OE in my R1 are fab. So yes…go for OE!:cool:

A mate used EBC on his CBR rear disc, shagged the disc. I put it down to a one off, used them on my Hornet used disc…

One new rear disc later:angry:

The EBC pads didn’t seem to go to well with Honda’s discs (this was a few of years ago). Seemed to work fine on the GSXR though.

Spot on EBC are disc killers. :smiley:

Ferodo Platinums :wink: