I am selling my bike on Ebay, and someone has asked for the reg number and where abouts the bike is, should i give it to them? this concerns me.


Assure them it will be HPI clear and remind them to do a hpi check properly they have to be in front of the bike as they ask for chassis no & engine no’s to which they confirm if they have the same numbers.

If they win the auction and do a hpi check & turns out to be dodgy then offer them a refund & refund travelling expenses if you didnt know it would turn out dodgy.

Thaks for that snap, i thought it sounded dodgy…

Any idea why they want the reg number? Mebbe for HPI check or summat?

I think the whole Ebay thing is dodgy, so I wouldn’t issue any details until they turn up for a look.

They’ll understand if qenuine I’d have thought.

O, Snap beat me to it!

LOL, All advise is appreciated andrew