Ebay W-Anchors I have known...

Putting my D675 up for sale soon on Ebay…Look in for sale section if you wanna get in first at a lower price:D

Ebay can be shite but sometimes it works - here’s my rogues gallery of when it doesn’t.

The Phantom Buyer. … Didn’t happen to me but a mate.

This **** doesn’t bid but sends PM after auction ends - tells mate that he will pay £500 more than the winning bid for bike, mate falls for it and tells winning bidder that his bike has just blown up and now not for sale -( he got neg feedback for it too…silly sod ). Eventually Phantom buyer turns up and guess what??? Offers £1000 LESS for mates bike. Mate is ficked as he can’t go back to original buyer and second chance buyers don’t want to know.
I guess that **** of a Phantom Buyer makes a fortune that way - doesm’t get involved in a bidding war and selld the bikes on for profit :angry:

The Multi Buyer

This did happen o me. Buys my car without questions or viewing - comes over ( from Belfast) and starts telling me it’s too expensive and tries to get it for £1750 instead of the £2,450 he bid for it. I knew I ws in trouble when he came as he was as miserable as feck , didn’t look me in the eye and generally behaved like a cnutfecker - even before he saw the car.
Found out (( you could do this on ebay then) that he had bid for 3 other cars in London and was obviously only going to take the one he got the biggest discount for. :pinch:

The P*ssed 2 O’clock in the morning buyerr.

Had a buy it now price and I said anyone with less than 20 FBacks to email me first. Posted it it Sunday evening … Next morning a geezer with only 3 FBs has pressed Buy It Now … at 2.30 am Monday morning.
Thinks " he was pissed and won’t follow through" - I was right …

He phoned next day and this dimwit started with “has it ever had a respray??? Cos I won’t buy it if it’s had a respray!” I told him that it was too late to ask questions as he had bought it and the only question he should ask is “who do I sign the cheque to?” . Threatned to sue the **** for wasting my time and money - I didn’t as the next buyer bought it full price :smiley:

Finally guy asks some time to pay balance on my Daytona if he leaves deposit - I agree if deposit non-returnable. 3 months later he hasn’t paid hence it is up for sale again. Nice guy and basically honest but you should never count your chickens…

I had 2 good results using ebay…

sold 2 cars both for 3500, on both saes, guy turns up, both in dark, looks over it, no test drive, hands over 3500 cash drives away with car :smiley: Must be my charm :smiley:

Lucky Lucky!

I have found out that the first person to buy turns out to be a Winkywanky - and the second person to buy (after relist ) is a dream buyer like yours…:crazy:

I must be un-charmed:crying:

To be honest, with regards to the phatom buyer, your mate got exactly what he deserved, I’ll reserve my sympathies for the winning bidder who your mate shafted. :angry:

I bloody well agree - he was a twat about it and a deceiving one too:crazy: - but he paid for it - no buyer and a neg.

However it doesn’t let Mr Phantom off the hook as a sleazy wankball.

Another tactic that some used for classified ads was to phone early and say they would buy the bike and not to sell it to anyone else - in fact they would pay more then the advertised price… of course when they eventually turned up the colour was the wrong red or the tyres were the wrong make and they wanted £1000 off.

Dont use it much, but had a totally stupid seller. She sent a sewing machine in a box the size of a washing machine with no padding consequently all the plastic was shattered, she was only prepared to refund the postage!

Still it was cheap and after an afternoon with the superglue it works…

doubled my money for my cbr600 on fleabay so well chuffed, bought a zxr750 but that needs work, chance you take :slight_smile:

i put a bike jacket up for sale that i paid £110 for,99p start price and no reserve…grab a bargain i said :slight_smile:

1 bid for 99p

i said to the bloke…mate im not going to waste my time…sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


On the other side I tend to get “You got a real bargain there” from the seller… well maybe I did but since Ebay gets 12 zillion hits a week obviously nobody else thinks so…

So you didn’t sell it to him? If so I think that’s downright out of order. If you put no reserve, you stick to it.

I’ve sold things for a pittance and bought them for the same. My word is my bond.

First time I read that I thought a W-anchor was some new derivative of the Y-anchor…doh

Numpty of the week award for me I think:D

Aye, that is fairly contemptible - if you list it at 99p with no reserve, then you should sell what it goes for, end of.
I’ve sold stuff for 99p before, and accept that it’s the way it works.If you have a figure that you want to get for your item, then you start the auction at or near it or set a reserve.

Its not only eBay you get time wasters and messers! You also get them on here as well. I have a 600 divy on here the guy turns up has a look and says i will think about it. Then he says yes i will have it but cant get over to you . I say well i will meet you at the Ace cafe if that helps. Guys says yes thats great and he will pick the bike up later. No worries so on the Sunday i drive over to the Ace for the agreed time of the meet. I wait and wait and no show. So i text the guy for him to say Oh sorry cant make it my bike is broke. THAT was the last i herd from him. . . . And that was a complete waste of my time and fuel thanks a lot mate. So yeh eBay may have more of them but its not only eBay.

it is but for what i paid for it,worn twice and to sell for 99p - what ever pay pal take plus ill have to take time of work to post…aint hapning:laugh:

People who think they can waste peoples time and money and just walk away…grrrr :angry:

Once had to sell a VW Golf Diesel for my brother in law (he was abroad) . This old biddy turned up with her husband in tow. Took her for a test ride and halfway through she turned to him and said

“you know Joe I was thinking of getting a Range Rover…Range Rovers are nice cars” …:w00t:

She just wanted a ride about on a Sunday I think…

Name and shame? :wink:

I thought the same thing actually :w00t: oh oops I didnt mean about the numpty bit of course!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love eBay for buying and selling bikes…never had a bad experience yet.