Ebay Scams ....

Just had this pointed out to me…


If you scroll down the page and look for the adverts with a picture of a car to the left of the ad on the listings page with the price over the top in yellow - those are your fakies

As you select a listing, keep your eyes peeled for the re-direct. The sellers must’ve used the option to advertise using HTML code and popped a redirect at the top. When it takes you to the new page, it’s identical to that of eBay, but almost every link is a mailto:

Here’s hoping they do something so sort this out…

Just a heads up for you all …

There`s scams going all the time on Ebay.

actually… you can’t do re-directs anywhere within ebay… what the little blighter’s have done is created a sub-domin… look… the motors in ebay sub-domin is


but as you can see the one you’re looking at is


totally different domain - not that most people would be able to tell the difference.


Those both look like valid domains.

I think what they’ve done is somehow hack the ebay description to include some script which is redirecting the browser…

My other half got done this week on Ebay by a scammer…now we have to go through the rigmarol of getting the dosh back…The dude threatened to come round and kill us!!

Extremely annoying!!


But how can they take a sub domain off eBay? As long as it ends ebay.co.uk, it is owned by eBay? I couldn’t buy andycr15.ebay.co.uk if I wanted, that’s part of the ebay.co.uk domain?

We have reported it to the police, and to Paypal, but we don’t have his address…do have his number plate though


Let’s pay him a visit! honestly! twats like him are always very brave over the phone or via email… as soon as you knock on their door they put tail between legs and run… cops won’t do nothing, they don’t have time… paypal won’t do nothing - too much hassle… that’s how they got away with it all. nobody can be bothered to do something about it.

I agree with you, but the problem is the dude has our address (as he kindly pointed out) because he needed it to post the utter crap he sent. We don’t have his address…just a user name and the general area the dude sent it from, and he number plate of the car he’s selling. It’s not worth the hassle (the item was only £130) as much as keeping ourselves safe, but if things escalate…thats a different matter. He’s hiding behind a female username, and got nasty when we pointed out that absolutely nothing in the description came through the door and we asked for a refund. If no more nasty threats come, and the dude stays sane till Paypal can give a £105 compensation, then alls well, and we’ve learned a valuable lesson. If things get more nasty…well, we’ll see what to do next. ATM, I’m not allowed to answer the door, not even to the cat! Thanks for your support, what you say about them being a coward is probably true.


sounds terrible. I lost £140 to an ebay scam last year…reported to ebay - nothing ever happened. Not even an official response. Just some othere bidders how got done too. Nothing you can do apart from being suspicious and researching any seller you’re planning to buy from.

As I said, it has to be genuine, you can’t get hold of someone else’s sub domain.

What they can do, is put that url into an e-mail that goes somewhere else when you click it.

Only if you are unwise enough to render HTML in your email client.