ebay in court over eye's


Ebay is great!

I just bought Alpinestars GP gloves, The auction ended at 8pm yesterday, I paid for them about midnight, and at 11am today there was a package waiting for me!

thats really good service that rottie!, i agree, ebay is brilliant!. the other afternoon i bought some new oxford heated grips. at my door this afternoon. .


It’s generally good, if you know what you’re looking for, or definately if you’re selling. Though I bought a new bike jacket two weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived from Germany, despite many stiff messages to the seller. I’ll be going through PayPal’s dispute system soon.

I’ve never had any problems with ebay thus far. Some really good deals on there as well, most people are genuine and you can usually tell the people that are going to mug you off…


Me again. The old cynic (Jay?).

Ebay is run by devils and witches, and they should all burn at the stake. Thieves and bandits populate it’s corridors and portals, while the easily led and down-right gullible are soon parted from their money after falling victim to the supposed security and fraud protection.

You are all playing with fire.

You have been warned.

Guess what happened to me.