East Sussex

Hey,Do any of you guys and gals ever come down East Sussex way? I live in Eastbourne, and don’t have a bike yet and was wondering if you had a ride out or meet down here where i could pop along? I find a place where we can all meet and get coffee’s or something? :smiley:

Hi Kylie,
You have a PM.

sounds like a good idea to me, maybe when the weather warms up some guys/gals might be up for a bit of a coastal run :smiley:

I’ll text my sister and tell her to expect a visit from her big brother for the first time in ‘x’ years, oh and I may be accompanied by a load of bikers!! :w00t:

Get it sorted lads :smiley:

There are some great roads and routes down here, Wessons Cafe in Horam does an excellent brekkie too!

im in ashford ride down to rye/hastings abit nice roads to ride. :hehe:

My route for the Crowborough Rotary Club charity rideout takes me through various parts of Sussex if anyone wants to join me :slight_smile: