Early morning quickie

My head may know it’s a Saturday, but no one’s told my body that I don’t have to be up at stupid early o’clock today! I’m going to make the most of it and take a quick bimble to The Ace for a coffee and then a blat up to H’s for, yes, another coffee before I get stuck into the usual weekend chores.

I’m going to be at The Ace for before 8 if any other early birds want to join me (and possibly TimR)?

After an early morning quickie he’ll be thinking more fag & 40 winks than bimble & coffee :wink:

I will be that way in a bit i got to meet someone first so might be a bit later than you. I will PM you my number

enjoy your quickie while I exhaust myself somewhere.

Funny how that’s the first post I read this morning. Gotta love bikers :smiley:

Grimsell pass in Switzerland to Verdun should do us today. :slight_smile:

if i had woken up earlier i would have joined!, always feel like riding!

My so called quickie turned into a bit of a long, slow one :smiley: Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

I thought I was having issues with the fuel consumption at one point, not realising quite how many miles I’d done. Oops.

Right, what else can I do to put off my domestic duties for a bit longer…?

I is now hot and sweaty after a good early morning ride with Janey :smiley:

Ooh err :cool:

I wasn’t even awake at 8! Had a long sleep in then joined Shaunicus and commuter-boy for a ride to god knows where :smiley:

any early morning action today then guys.

shall I get the bike out.

Had a great early morning quickie this morning, a good hour at high speed with the wife :slight_smile:

(We had errands to run and I convinced her that it’d be faster by bike…)

Me and Mr Janey were up and at it stupid o’clock again today ;). AND we were getting hot and at one point wet with about 150 others, mainly men :w00t:.

We’ve just got back from RAF Odiham ARD, so if yer name weren’t on the list for that one, yer weren’t gettin in.

ah yes you did mention RAF Odiham the other day, hope you have a better time than Bedford, and I hope you are letting Mr Janey recover from his deliveries on serv duties.

I stayed on. That, I think,is a huge improvement!

The first two sessions were total pants for me: I was trying to put into practice what I was ‘taught’ at Bedford and the magic just wasn’t happening on the track. I was slow, nervous and contemplating going home. Add to that, a group of wannabe Rossi twats (yes, I do mean you lot in your shiny new bling BKS leathers) in the novice group who ignored yellow flags and the 2m overtaking gap, rain and interruption for the Chinooks taking off and t wasn’t a good start.

I then went and spoke to the instructors before the third sesh. Et voila, I went back to my old riding style with a couple of small adjustments and improved immensely. I even managed to pleasantly scare myself by getting my toe down when I was neither trying or expecting to :w00t:!

I called it a day after sesh four as, after a three something am start I was thoroughly knackered and realised that if I stayed any longer I’d probably make some stupid mistakes, a bit like the twat group who were getting too aggressive and sloppy with their overtaking.

All in all, it was a great day. It was really friendly, relaxed and the organisers and instructors were brilliant :D. I’ve already booked my place on the next one in September! There are loads of places still available if you wanna join me? Hint hint hint.

This early morning quickie is becoming a bit of a Duracell

You know how it goes. You start off with the idea of a quick one before you have to get on with the day, but then you find you’re enjoying it so much it makes you want to keep at it for a bit longer ;).

ah if only I could, will have to see how Silverstone goes. I’m not planning on making it a regular thing though.

Awwww, gwan, gwan, gwan. It’s on a Sunday, it’s only £60 (plus £20 joining fee), you get free instruction all day if you want it and it’s far more relaxed and friendly than a regular track day. It’s like a ‘lite’ version of a trackday at the usual venues but is still good fun and you learn shed loads. Well, I did, anyway.