E-Cigarettes..which one? Anybody recommend?

Hi someone here(Dave?) was puffing on an E-Fag at the BMM earlier this year,

I would like to give them a go and get rid of my traditional smokes for good,

I’ve heard that the Wicked brand are good but which model? I don’t want the ones that look like a cigarette… any advice welcome :smiley:

ps I say any advice but if you just wanna say ‘filthy habit give it up altogether’ or ‘I gave up x years ago using sellotape and old condoms etc’ then please don’t - beleive me I have heard them all before - ta :slight_smile:

I wish you good luck stopping smoking isn’t easy how you do it is up to you @ least you are trying :slight_smile:

E-lites, one of the biggest and well run and regarded.

Look like cigarettes though. I used a Ego-T for a while. Good but a bit fiddly to refill.

The Ego models are better for flavour however you can buy them from about 10 different brands. Wicked being one. Personally I didn’t like the thing of having a little devil on my cigarette so wanted something more ‘serious’

I had a Janty one which was pretty good. I went for the Ego-X as apparently it created better vapour.

Tank systems for me are better than cartomisers. More flexibility and can do what you want with them… however they need a bit more attention (i.e. cleaning out the atomizer etc).

It all depends on the juice you buy though. Make sure you get 70/30 vg/pg split or it might be a bit harsh! :smiley:

I gave up on smoking 2 months after buying my e-cigarette… I chucked mine away or I would have given it to you.

First good luck
But remember they do not have a licence yet! (No and not driving licence)

The one question you have to ask is…would you put a battery in your mouth?

But good luck and all the best.

yup and i don’t even smoke! :smiley:



i bought a kingy starter kit, lasted fairly well, but needs a syringe to fill, which looks a bit dicey if you do it in the boozer.

having been on the e cigs for a year Ross, I’m not sure i would recommend them as a means of giving up, transfer your nicotine addiction by all means, but dont fool yourself into thinking that you are giving anything up. you can and will use the damn thing everywhere andyou addiction level will increase, not decrease, and it is very difficult to keep track of how much yiu are a tually using it.

my advice, is just quit the fags if that is your ambition, if you just need to get the costs down and fancy getting your breath and sense of taste back then go for the e cigs, they are cheaper and less bad for yiu than fags after all.

posting from a phone , so sorry about the spelling.

You can also try and reduce the nicotine levels in the juice you buy gradually… eventually you’ll be puffing on nothing.

I got told no nicotine from my doc and switched to nicotine-less juice… a bit akward at first but it substituted my habit.

Admittedly on a normal day I was only a 6-8 a day smoker… when out though it could go up to 20-30. And I’ve been smoking for 19 years…

To give up smoking you first need to want to

Substituting your cigarette for a fake E-cigarette isn’t really wanting to give up.

I gave up via a course of Zyban

Thanks all!

I don’t mind a battery in my gob (?) - yep Zyban might be plan C Art…

…let’s see what happens.



I had no intention of giving up… Id smoked for about 4-5 years, I tried a friends E-Cig and fell in love with the variety of flavours. (exhale.com )

Just under a week after starting the E-Cigs I noticed I no longer liked the taste of real cig’s, 2 Weeks later I had given up completely. (Its now been about 2 years since I had a real smoke)…

(I used to smoke approx 15-20 a day…

Champix is more the drug of choice now over Zyban.

It has a very successful quit rate, but you do need willpower too.

champix is sn addictive anti depressant apparantly, careful with it.

E-lites are crap, don’t even go there.

I went to a company called evape - they are based in Park Royal near Central Middlesex Hospital. If you go there, they will spend some time with you to show you all of the different types of eCigs and help you choose (and they don’t push the most expensive thing either - they want to keep you as a customer).

For an eGo starter kit with two batteries, two clearomisers, a charger and a small starter bottle of liquid I paid £35, all presented in a pretty box:


Thoroughly recommend them.


There’s a full blown store in chichester (next to the High St) if you want to go and explore :slight_smile:

I did Champix 4 months ago and from smoking 20 a day went to zero! The drug is pretty awful, but it works. it takes the whole pleasure of smoking and after 6wks you don’t enjoy smoking anymore.good luck Ross

I can back this up having had a hoot on Szymons evape. It was like smoking a slim panatella.