E BIKE insurance WARNING

Just a little RANT you might say but TODAY I am £180 short. After an accident in 2006 when I was insured by ebike insurance I had my bike recovred from west London to Slough - GREEN FLAG who were organising the recovery told me my comrehensive insurance meant i would be covered for the transportation and mileage charge. Great I didn’t feel much like ride my scarped to hell bike back home after being discharged from Hospital!
I lodged a claim on the insurance, but after 6 months the police could not trace the driver - no one to claim against - I let the claim lapse and it was ut down to a non fault accident - 18 months later GREEN FLAG demanded the money from me - saying EBIKE insurance refuse liability. 4 months later Today - court proceedings are being persued by GREEN FLAG - will I win if I fight it - will the lawyer cost me more than £180 - probably - I paid up and will spend my time dissing both those companies till I am satisfied.
Have you ever tried to call EBIKE insurance? Don’t bother - their policies might look cheap - thats becuase they are CHEAP and looks like you get what you pay for. Comprehensive insurance is not always Comprehensive with EBIKEinsurance - surprisingly I have gone back to CArole NAsh as my preferred insurer - I suggest you consider my comment when choosing your insurer.!

Thats not good mate, if your policy says that you were covered for recovery they should have to pay for it.

Had you paid annually or pay-as-you go? Only the annually paid comp policies get breakdown/recovery[1] on ebike. Check the wording of your original contract.

[1] Which may not apply if the bike is rideable but the rider is incapacitated. AFAIK only Carole Nash and MAG recovery allow for this, most other brokers don’t - even if the actual insurance companies used are the same behind the scenes. One of my friends found this out to her distress when she had a spill and dislocated her shoulder in France, but the bike was fine. Norwich Union refused to recover the bike or get her home, as the bike was rideable.

Its also worth remembering that RAC will recover your vehicle after an accident, something The AA will not do:cool:

the RAC and AA wont do it in Europe, you will need to take out special insurance to get your bike recovered if it is in an accident…its a bloody mine field but inr eality who reads their insurance details…I never do, but I am going to this time to make sure I have a good one. ooh I hope I can keep that promise…:slight_smile:

Since when were we talking about Europe?;):cool:

Interesting to know though given that a number of us are planning to go to the land of the empty road this year, something else to add to the list.

You can get full RAC cover for the day for about £15:)

The AA recovered my bike after my off. Didn’t get charged either.

I think you were more lucky than it being a policy…it might be worth a few calls again,…I am in the AA will give them a call tomorrow to get the official line…

but as I say in europe they will take your bike to the nearest garage for repair no repatriation…get special cover when in europe…

I’m going for longer than that, possibly with Debz and Grim for two weeks and/or a trip to the south near Italy to sample the Stelvio Pass.

You can get an annual overseas breakdown package. I get mine from my insurer (CIA insurance), and just add it on when I renew my policy, so I’m not entirely sure how much it is but I’m pretty certain that it’s less than £50 p.a. and covers UK and Europe (which works for me because I don’t run a car and have no need of cover for any other vehicles).

Sorry mate I thought you meant the march Day-trip.Its not much dearer for a fortnight:)