Dyno and Scales in London

Can anyone recommend one?

amazon has some good deals


Might be a bit out of date but have a read through:

(not just the post in preview, whole thread)

SBK are still open. I don’t know if Ralph is still there or if they still have the Dyno but I got a free run in 2008. There was a guy there having his GSXR tuned too. This was well over 10 years ago though so could be completely different now.

Sad looking at that video to be honest. That was probably the absolute peak of my motorcycle enthusiasm.

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Technically not in London, but Leatherhead is near enough


Not used them myself, but I’ve heard good things.

also heard really good things about them

Been to them a few times with the GSR. Good folks and decent service. Issue with them at the time was getting a slot that wasn’t three weeks away. Back then they were a suzuki dealer I think

HM Racing are good too down in Edenbridge

Used Steve Jordan for my SV Race/track bike I was building, can’t comment on the dyno skills but very helpful with other stuff and sorting bits out, general advice