got my license back from dvla after sending it special delivery on the 10th of october, opened it to be greeted with no class 2 intitlement:angry: but one good thing i dont have to retake my bike test nor car test :smiley:

so on the blower i get to them to find out whats happened with my license only to be told yes sir you have to fill in a d2 form and send it back to us, when i phoned up first to find out how to get my license back the bloke goes that i need to fill out a d1 form and a cheque for 60 pounds and send it back to them,

so why wasnt i told this in the first place, what a bunch of idiots they have working there

i even have a letter which i got from the traffic comminishers depertment to say they wasnt going to revoke my license, now i have to wait for the form to be sent to me,

glad i didnt wait till the beginning of november to get my license back

So your back on the road then.

nah not until 04/12/2007so people stay off the road from then onwards :):w00t::cool::wink:

Duly noted…will try and get my ban to start then :slight_smile:

just out of interest how much did you pay the bloke to give you your licence back

Congrats fella :slight_smile: (Sort of)

yay - the return of the ginge!! Not long to go now hun :kiss:

Nice one Ginger. Not long now eh…

Tut…some bday pressie for me then !! the sight of you raring to go back on the roads again !!! Oh well, least you know this time Ginge, you gotta be more careful…where will our rideouts be without the ginger one with us?..shame you missed most of this years, but hey…you will be with us for the rest of em…back to the doughnut and burger eh? :wink:

The Auburn-Haired person whirlwind will be acting much more sensibly on his bike come December. So he intimates…

I think we have all taken this on board. Act the fool as much as you like off the bike, never on it.

Now I followed few back from BM last night for a while, food for thought for one or two I hope…

I had a smililar converstaion with him and he says he is a changed man. Time will tell is suppose but I think he can do it.