DVLA Taking Bikes!

On my way to work the other day I walked past a DVLA van that was winching onboard a scooter. I was in a hurry so didn’t stop and ask what they were doing, but if I had to guess, I’d say they were taking it for having no tax displayed?

The van was well kitted out with the winch, hazzard lights and all, so perhaps it’s a new venture? I’ve not seen this before. Does anyone know more? I for one don’t display tax on my bike for pretty common reasons, and I’d hate to think my bike could be taken away (well it couldn’t, unless they have hydraulic cutters).



Think it might be worth a call to the local office to make sure thats lagit???

Who would suspect gov marked vehicle??

The dvla have hired a load of sites around the Uk to impound cars and bikes that are not taxed…you will have so many days to reclaim it and then if you dont it will be destroyed wantonly and without mercy…its a disgraceful attitude to what is meant to be a tax for the improvement of our roads which never sees the light of day. They are using disproportionate punishment for the crime and i think it can be contested in the european courts…just hope some one does, imagine the situation, man forgets to tax his roller, 250,000 worth of car, its impounded whilst he is away on holiday, he comes back to find its been destroyed…and all for a 150 pounds disproportionate punishment to fit the crime…

We are becoming a police state within the EU and they have the cheek to condemn Mr Mugabe for taking peoples property…they are thieves and vagabonds and the worst of this governments qunagos…

These people are government bullies with more power that they need and this government is aiding and abbetting the abuse of our personal rights.

The next thing will be the taking of your liberty for not harming anyone but going a bit faster than they want us to on a road…ooh thats already here…

Sorry on soap box again…I hate this country and the way it abuses people…the only thing to do with this tax is abolish it…as with council tax and tax on fuel and congestion charges…trouble is where do you find better…

I agree that it’s disproportionate, and that our roads see few improvements. The money just seems to go into setting up speed cameras and the rest into the government coffers. This isn’t right!

I doubt they look for a tax disc, more then likely just search the licence plate on the data base. Otherwise what if you’ve parked your bike up and some scally has come along and nicked your tax disc? I personally don’t have a problem with them taking the vehicle away, I don’t agree with them crushing the vehicle though I think its a waste of resources. I reckon uninsured driver/riders are really the bigger problem.

There’s an NCP-DVLA compound in Slough just off junction seven and their vans have ANPR systems fitted that check the DVLA database. Anything not taxed is clamped and if the fine isn’t payed, they’ll be back in a few days to pick it up, or in the case of bikes, they can lift straight away…Wheelclamping untaxed vehicles

Does anybody know what the deal is with covered up bikes?
I put a cover on my scooter after the accident, but it is still parked on public road. The other day it had gone, I’m pretty sure the pickies had nicked it (bastards), but for a moment I was wondering if it was the police or parking attendants checking for the licence plates of tax disc (and not putting it back on so the wind could have blown it away). I now covered it up again with a new cover, and locked to cover, but I’m just lobe worried it’s now difficult to look at the numberplate if anyone wants to.

Time to take the tax disc out of my wallet methinks:w00t:

professional bike thiefs :w00t:

We are doomed. Think i will super glue the tax disc to the holder…it will delay it’s path of theft. Saw an authorised removal van today just behind the lanesborough hotel robbing someones pride and joy. Interesting to watch its removal, sympathy for the owner.

Surely they will check against the database and then remove- I for 1 believe those who dont have tax obviously dont have valid insurance and therefore should be urinated upon in a public place-Their bikes should be sold for charitable causes connected with unisured victims of Road traffic Accidents.(on a different note- if you zoom in on the tax disc in the vans window- it is 1 month out of date- when was this photo taken?)

You said it!
£80 release fee!

As I’ve always understood it, it technically illegal not to display your tax disc and it has to be on the left hand side. :doze:

In my estate they go round at 4 in the morning on the first day of every month and clamp all the poor gits that have not got out of bed at midnight and put their new tax disc on display! That includes bikes! And ‘technically’ they are justified. Complete scam! :crazy:

I agree it should be all checked electronically. Tax discs were for the old days before the bobbies had computers and the like surely?

At this time of year it’ll be the homeless, they need them to keep warm. Hard to begrudge them for it.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand what people are saying here. What is wrong with bikes that are not taxed being taken and removed? There is only one reason for not taxing a bike and that is because it is either not insured or not MOTed. They won’t be taken in the DVLA database shows they are taxed, insured and MOTed. Someone explain the problem to me. Are were DVLA right when they said that 38% of bikes on the road are illegal?

BTW, it is very easy to do an on line tax check - that DVLA vehicle has a tax disk that expires on 30 September 2008.

There is a big difference between not displaying and not having road tax.

Many riders prefer not to display their tax disc as it is easy pray for tea leaves.

So do they take non-displaying bikes? This is the ???

I suspect they are much more interested in bikes with no tax/insurrance/mot rather than the ones that don’t display. These records are completly computerised now and you can check your own vehicle using the DVLA and insurrance association websites to make sure the records are correct. So it is easy for them to know which bikes to target.

I know people say they get nicked etc. But it can’t be that common as I have never had tax nicked from a bike, niether has Jackie, and neither has anyone I know who rides a bike. If you have tax, the law says display it, and I always do. If you don’t display you know the risks, and the law has allowed the crushing of untaxed vehicles for years now.

I must be just unlucky then:crazy: I’ve had to replace two discs:)

Then I can understand your sensitivity on the issue! :slight_smile:

In the not too distant future I am sure the disk will become completly irrelevant, just as the MOT cerificate has been abolished and replaced by a piece of paper that is just a statement of what is recorded on the DVLA MOT database.