DVLA rant

Why do the DVLA make everything so difficult?

I want to change the address on my driving licence, having just moved house. It turns out you can do it online. Great! Just enter your NI number, maybe, with your old address and other details on your licence?

But noooo , that would be too bloody simple.

Instead, I have to go to the Government Gateway site, which I’m already registered for. But they’ve changed it since I last visited, so now none of my login details work - and I can’t re-register, because I entered my old address in the form, with the intention of changing it once I’m logged in.

Now I’m caught in a preposterous online vortex of not being able to log-in, retrieve my details or re-register.

Then the site timed me out. I gnashed my teeth for a minute, then gave up.

Right now, I would gladly punch everyone at the DVL-sodding-A in the face. :angry:


Ring them up - they’re quite helpfu on the phone:)

I was hoping to avoid having to send my licence off to them - I don’t trust them not to balls it all up. Not one bit.

make sure you keep a photocopy! so when they do mess it up you have proof you actually have the right to ride a bike!. i’ve been waiting for my v5 for ages now, even sent off a form to register for a new 1, still nothing

You are joking aren’t you? I have always found them to be the sort of deliberately unhelpful and officious bastards I have spent most of my professional life trying to get rid of.

In January I sold my old car for scrap. It took three months to get the registration removed from my name and the tax refund I was owed. Why? Because tax refunds and registrations are done by different bits of DVLA. They won’t pay tax unless the vehicle is no longer registered, but I foolishly told them about the change of registration at the same time as I sent the tax refund request in - why would you not do that?

However, the tax people refused to do anything about the tax, but never told the registration people they had my form telling them I was no longer the registered keeper. They then sent me, after I had already phoned twice and written three times, to tell me that as I had not changed the registration of the vehicle they were formally refusing my tax refund - but I could appeal! This arrived two days after I got notification that I was no longer the registered keeper of the vehicle!!!

All my phone calls to DVLA through this were a complete waste of my time.

Hope youre being sarcastic… theyre useless… probably a bunch of penguins would know more than the people over the phone… e.g. call up friday to ask about the process of changing old style paper licence to photo id licence… reply was read out from the screen… (i know i had the dvla website up aswell) and the best bit… the cost would be £50… have a little look through the handbook that comes along with the D1 form to discover its only £20… :w00t:

Could be worse - there was an article on Watchdog yesterday where people ad sent off their licences for changing names / addresses etc. and had go them back minus the motorbike entitlement (basically DVLA had screwed their records up) and unless the riders had the original pass certificate, they were told they would have to take the test again !!!

Sorry everyone, must have just been lucky on the (many) occasions I have had to deal with them by telephone - usually at work - they have been really good.

Try the tax self-assessment on the Gateway - guaranteed to send anyone mental trying to find the log-on. Not even bookmarking the page works.

That said, on a different matter the telephone line person was very helpful when I could get through - after 3 evenings of trying (note to self, don’t leave it until January, do it well before then).


You must be one of the few people in England that have anything positive to say about the them.

You do lead a charmed life.

That’s exactly what I’m worried about!

On Sunday i had to send off my drivers license and counterpart off to DVLA (adding some point :Whistling: )…

I have scanned both and kept copies of my pass certif and hope for the best. The fact that I got a speeding ticket on a bike might help :hehe:

One would hope so, wouldn’t one! :ermm:

OK so I have no idea where my pass certificate is. On a brighter note ive had to send my licence in … ahem …twice… and ive got it back with no issues … other than points and a whole bunch of codes blah blah and blah. Sod em if theyre going to loose, delete or misplace my details they better do the same with the points

Just a quick update to this.

I did it online in the end. If you have your passport (I think it has to be one of the new biometric ones with the scanned photo), and you’re prepared to spend a bit of time registering and jumping through a few website hoops once that’s done, you can do it pretty easily.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t let me re-register before - but it seemed to work OK in the end. Go figure.

My new licence arrived today, with all the entitlements intact. Now I just have to cut my old one in half and send it to them.

See Joh you ranted for nothing in the end.:smiley:

Before the days of the DVLC but I sent my MC pass certificate away with my DL when I passed my test in the seventies. got my DL back and that was that.

Rode big bikes every day (including loads of stops by police) until 1993 when I bought a new FJ1200. My insurance co wanted a copy of my DL which I gave…there was no mc entitlement on it!!

Nothing I could do and had to take my test again…including CBT which was a joke. The guy kept telling me not to stop so quickly on the “emergency” stop as the rear wheel was coming up…other guys were sailing past my stopping point but that was fine!

Did it in one day and picked the Yam up with silly insurance permium.:w00t:

Why did you have to send it to DVLA ???

I just had to take mine to local plod shop then once I paid fine over the phone the will write the points on or stamp it and send it back it DOESNT have to go to DVLA to have points on :D:D

I must have got the same person on the phone as you:) the three or four time I have called them:)

Me too:D