DVD Formats

I need to get a DVD recorder but the variety of different formats is completely baffling. Can anyone tell me which of these items is best please? Basically I don’t want to buy something if it is obsolete or about to be.

Looking at the specs they are all the same expect one is white, one is silver and one is black.

It is the same basic unit in all three. I assume that it is for a laptop that doesn’t have a internal optical drive?

Yep, its for a laptop which has a CD RW/DVD R but I need to be able to cut DVDs too.
Now I look, you are right 2 are identical, but for one the list of formats is set out in a completely different way so I thought there was a fundamental difference. And just checking again it looks like everything is the same just laid out inconsistently.
Thanks a lot for your help.

As kev says they all look the same and so the same job, but what do you mean by “cut dvd’s”?

dvd’s? never heard of such a thing, isnt that what the internets for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Double checked and they are based on the same drive the Samsung SE-S084C/TSBS. Only the colours are different, OK the layout of the information is cocked up, but they are all capable of burning everything from CDs to Dual Layer DVDs and everything in between.

The only thing you need to about is the colour. See if they have one in Nuclear Red. :smiley:

Thanks, now ordered.
Cut / Burn