Dunstable to Brighton Run

Ok, I’m probably wasting my time on this site, as there seems to be a boycott going on with my posts…but maybe one day I’ll be lucky?!!

Who’s interested in joining the mass ride from the Ace on Sunday, 9th September, starting from Dunstable Downs? Here’s the plan…

Meet up at 8:30am to get down to the Ace by 10am in time for a cuppa. The run to Brighton starts from there at about 10:30am. The main run goes via the motorways…but being the rebels that we are, we’re going to go by the back roads, probably via Box Hill, as they’re more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


No I just think most(not all) are biking snobs with an ego problem. Never mind, ignorance is rudeness and I’m taking no part in it.

Will be a good day I am sure as always

Sorry guys disagreed with you all.

But look at the date you have chosen… Already a lot happening on the 9th Sept

I think thats the point

Erm, blame those guys from the Ace, as that’s where the event kicks off…we’re just joining in with the fun. Don’t tell me that the Londonbikers aren’t even getting themselves involved with rides from the ACE, now!!!

Put me down (unless it’s raining, it’s just not fun in the rain!), it would be good to catch up with you two. Just remember my Buell doesn’t go at warp 9

Are you coming up first Mark or are we meeting you there?.

I’ll prob see you at the Ace, means I get more sleep

Lazy fecker