Dunstable Downs Rideouts

For those who can remember Ride4fun and I used to organise rideouts from Dunstable Downs.

We used to do some epic all day rides to Great Yarmouth, Stratford upon Avon and other various places.

Looking back at previous posts they were 10-15 years ago and many life changing things have happened.

However, in the coming weeks we are going to start doing them again. We are both back up on 2 wheels and looking to go back in time and cause mischief again.

As soon as fluids have been replaced, chains been tensioned and we squeeze our arses back into something resembling bikers gear, we will post a ride to somewhere.

As always, everyone will be welcome and nobody will be left behind.

If you’re interested, or if you remember the rides back in the day give us a nudge.


I remember them fondly, if I ever get a day off I’d be up for one

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`I remember them well! They are what i think of when someone mentions the rideout from ‘back in the day’

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I remember those. I thought I was on the TT riding almost level with Craig while the world blurred past.

Oh and one of the routes has a Mario Kart jump.


Only did a few, but were great rides, and I met quite a few LBers on those.
Deffo up for more (if kids allow)

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Yarmouth sounds good :slight_smile:

Ah, those were the days, also known as BC; before children. :joy:

Unlike Mr. Large, I didn’t stop riding, just unable to organise ride-outs anymore. Family doesn’t leave much time for days out on the bike. :roll_eyes:

Of course, I have no idea why anyone would think the world passed by in a blur keeping up with me as I always ride at a sedate pace.hehe


Count me in :slight_smile: great memories.