Dunstable Downs 31st March

Ok now the sun is starting to shine again the Downs monthly rideouts will again fullfill our beds herts and bucks and hopefully further away needs.

Meeting at 10am the route will depend on the arrivals but hopefully we’ll go out towards oxfordshire and then bimble up to Banbury. Lunch then probably over towards Northampton and down towards Dunstable.

Hope we can get good numbers and maybe meet peeps on the way.

Any takers ??

Yeah a Herts ride

I will be up for this

Will be on my way up to donington!

Your keen. Leaving a day early?

Thought those SVs went quicker than that

Cheeky so & so.

Am going up to leeds to see my bro in law who is coming with me on the sunday, but may stop off at donny and watch qualifying on the way up.

Lucky sod

Probably going to Cheltenham with the Midlands Monkeys off the BiKE forum, on the 1st April, so more than likely won’t be able to make it.

I’ll be there…always up for a ride.

NFC Are you still riding the bus or are you back on your sex machine?

It’s not a bus it’s an AA van.

Was waiting for some comment on my tag line from you. Haven’t ridden the ‘sex machine’ since Christmas day, so probably that.

Me n JZ will be up for this one fats, pm me with the details when known

Will do GG

Well, I didn’t want to disappoint

See you on the 31st.

hey where’s the meet at 10?

The meet is at Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire, near Whipsnade. Meeting point is the car park where the old snack shop is (small brick building) overlooking the glider club at the bottom of the hill. See you at 10am. :wink:

Just thought I would give this a gentle BUMP !!! This Saturday 10am Dunstable Downs…be there or be a …squid ??

shame about this one as we will be in donnington!! i only live 10 mins from the downs to!!!

new to this forum, and my bike isnt the fastest in the world, a restricted er-5, but would definitely be up for a ride, you guys gonna stick about or least tell me where ull be waiting.

Hi Shleppy,

If you’re definitely going to be there, I’m sure we can wait for your arrival. :wink:

dont wait for me as its still up in the air wether i can come or not, if im there ill be there on time, ty for the answer though, i recently went on a rideout and how to go searching for where we were heading by myself as i lost the group pretty quick but that was with a different forum

Sorry all Have had a nightmare week, one bike down (cam chain) and my car written off As you can imagine I am a tad behind with work and can’t work Sunday due to Donington. Will try and make the next one

Have a goodun though