Dunlop D211GP

I’m off to Silverstone at the weekend. The 998 has slicks fitted and they’ve got a bit of life in them, but the tyres on my little 749R are shot.

I was looking for a comparison of maybe the Supercorsa Pro and a Dunlop D211GP but I can’t find one anywhere.

Any recommendations? I do maybe 500 miles a year on this bike (it’s got RS cams - 400km rebuild if you’re using it properly) so I’m not too bothered about wear rates.


If your looking for a tyre with tread and not worried about getting mileage out of them then either the Supercorsa SC0’s or the Metzeler Racetec RC0’s will give you as much grip as a set of slicks. Probably good for about 1k miles on track riding :w00t:

Dunlop D211gp and Supercorsa Pro’s both offer incredible performance and you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference on the road or track unless you’re looking for those 10ths of a second racing.

You might want to experiment with pressures as well to see what works best as they can be run lower than normal road tyres.

erm, after seeing Rixxy’s on thursday, i’d avoid the dunlops, even the tyres changer at silverstone said use somethign else and pointed to several sets which all had a delaminating problem on the extreme edges. PM Rixxy and get it from the horses mouth.

Very strange for a tyre that has won championships worldwide.

very true, i used GP208’s on my old ninja and really liked them. there must be a manufacturing issue with the latest batch coming over or something, because everyone who had them on was changing for metzeler/Pirelli equivalent.

Something very strange going on there for sure, more to this than meets the eye i’d say.

To be fair the Dunlop 211gp is actually a better performing tyre on track than the supercorsa or metzeler and would normally be the racers choice…if they could afford it.

i had pirelli superbike slicks sc1’s on so i had no grip issues at all.

thanks guys. I’m running slicks on the 998 but I want to give the little guy a proper workout too. That means something vaguely road legal.

I’ve gone for the Supercorsa (very expensive - can’t remember which). Soft front and med rear. I’ll try the D211s at some point but I’m pretty concerned about the delamination issue. A couple of buddies are riding the bike this weekend too and I wouldn’t be happy if something happened to them on account of a dodgy tyre.

Plus, the WSS guys used this tyre on the race bikes and they got some proper lean…

well, guys, thanks for the recommendation. Those Supercorsa Pros are excellent. The front was barely marked by the end of the first session.

I took my 749R and the 998 to Silverstone and ran the R on day 1, which was largely CSS lead training, although not ‘leveled’ and the 998 on Sunday.

The R had the SCs on in the afternoon and it was excellent. The bike was composed, tyres grippy and no major problems. One of my buddies was instructing and took the R out on Sunday and said it was perfect. A real hooligans bike. I’ll try the SC slicks next on the big bike.