does anyone know, can i add dumplings to a stew and leave them in, then reheat it later? or is it best to add them when you want to eat straightaway?:smiley:

Hi westie you can put them in and reheat later as long as they are covered or they will go hard as nails!:smiley:

they will be a bit soggy if you leave them in and reheat, I like mine to have a little crust on the top, so I would do them for when you want to eat them. But if you do reheat follow advice above.

oh marvelous, im so looking forward to tasting the stew ive made today…:slight_smile:

Doz it have pearl barley in it ? :slight_smile:

No but it has a big sausage in it…:smiley:

What do ya think this is? Herts meet menu?:stuck_out_tongue:

Oooo, you’ve made me want my mums beef stew & dumplings now!!!

You can leave them in and reheat later :slight_smile:

well im glad to say the stew was a big sucess, i shall be making another! im just orf to have some more!:slight_smile:

I think you should make a big batch and take it to the next BM / Ace meet for everyone, that should keep them all warm :smiley:

Unfortunately, as much as we would all love to see westie, by the time he gets to BM from oop north…the stew will be frozen and we will all be home!

Well he could make an effort for the LBers and come down in time to meet everyone there with a big pot of stew :stuck_out_tongue:

who needs stew to keep ya warm when we have elad?!:smiley:

Oh Westie how i miss your dumplings around my mouth.:wink:

Thanks Hun!!! hug

I can’t believe you Westie:crying:

It’s taken me ages to get over Debz Dumplings and now you go and bring it all back:D

Oh the flashbacks:P:D:D

ps It all depends whether you prefer floaters or sinkers:D

Westie, you’ve not been using the cook book that Sincere gave you have you ? Careful with some of the ingrediants, they’re not what they seem, especially the sausage :smiley: