Dumped twice in 16yrs

As the ex wife is fond of reminding me, it was ** me** that dumped **her ** all those years ago, even tho i think its ancient history she will never forget…
So i think i just made it worse for myself cos on the way to poppins on friday
i managed to ’ dump ’ her again ,only this time it was off the back of the bike while going over kew bridge :pinch:

This time round she’s also got a fair amount of ‘tarmac burn’ and bruising to add to the emotional injury .

What do you think i should do ?
. just accept the constant reminders of what a heartless bastard i am for
the rest of my life ?

. Try and remember to send her a birthday card next year for the first time ever , hoping this will subdue her slightly ?

. Take her for another ride over kew bridge, this time mounting the pavement at 90 degrees and doing an immense stoppie up against the parapet wall to send her plunging into the thames below therefore preventing myself from having to endure 16 yrs or more of severe earache ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:laugh: Whilst it was a terrible thing to have happened your face was such a picture when you arrived at Poppins I could not help but be amused, after I found out she wasnt badly injured of course :wink:

However the circumstances to me mean she actually ‘dumped’ herself last night :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I buy a front row ticket, that sounds like a stunning stunt.:w00t:

it was pure quality you telling me that story last night

Definately the latter :cool::smiley: have you seen the price of birthday cards nowadays :w00t:

oh dear, you creul heartless sod! ha ha, oh dear i bet she wasnt amused!:smiley: nice one!:w00t:

And to think we was discussing just that at the Ace before we all left. Are you sure you didn’t do it on purpose? Only joking, mind you your face was a picture when you told me what happened. Dont worry yourself over what happened chap it wasn’t your faulty as we discussed last night. I bet she’s sore as hell today.

hahaha thats sooo funny :slight_smile:

and Im with kevsta on this one :slight_smile:


You are a disgrace to new mankind, the least you could do is buy her a card on her birthday. A present would not go amiss, perhaps a weeks holiday somewhere sunny. No wonder she`s your ex. Funny about dumping her off the bike, how did you manage it on such a bag of old nails?

a present ?:w00t: she’s my ex ! . she’d think i’d really lost it :wink:
and she has had a 16 yr holliday .
But i do take your point about the bike , if she can’t hold on when the bike is basically an armchair with footrests how could she possibly hold on to me ?:wink: