dumber than i look :)


so new Motad venom exhaust turned up today and like the true child i am (aged 42) i was out there in the dark fitting it!!

the link pipe has a tab on it which the destructions inform me is for the rubber stand stop which does not exist on my bike??, well not on that side of the bike anyway.

so ive stripped the old stock exhaust off and followed the destructions to the letter, fitting the link pipe loose to the collectors,

then fitted the supplied restricter?? into the can and then the can to the link pipe.

so far so good, i shaped the pipe and can so its points straight out the back and as far as i can see will not foul the swing arm!!

tightended everything up nice and tight and it all feels solid and looks good.

so ive fired the bike up and there you have it, a slightly deeper tone on idle (i couldnt give it much throttle at 9pm at night) all seems well! but wait!! whats that lil tinkling noise ???

thinking about it it must be the restricter in the can, so i strip it down and start again making sure that its pushed right in and the link pipe the same so to hold it in place and refitted everything but still the same!!

soi now have to try again in daylight to try and cure the rattle.

now i may be wrong but i thought i thought the removable baffle was at the other end of the can held in by a grub screw ??

i removed the screw and tried to draw the baffle out but it was having none of it.

so im thinking now that the restricter is actually a noise restricter which is supposed to be removable!!

whats the point in a quick removal that requires you to remove the can to get it out ??

am i being thick or is the restricter a gas flow restricter and the baffle is actually at the other end but ive not given it enough of a tug ??

Its not the only can that requires removal to get at the baffle. I would have thought there would be something holding it in there though . My question is why bother fitting it you want the loud anyways :smiley: :wink:

All I can offer is that my baffles on an Akra didn’t want to exactly slip out. I took a wire coat hanger at it like the one below and snipped it just above the bends that make up the bottom part of wire. Then I took the bottom wire and folded it midway so squeezing the bent wire made the little hooks (that were the corners) close in. Poke it in the exhaust, relax the grip, and pull very hard!

what bike is it - looking at your photo looks like a cbr600 fs so assume you’ve ended up with a cbr600f hence the rubber stop?? On my Scorpion can, the baffle was held in with silicon/mastic so just had to give it a good wiggle and pull with long nosed pliers. Try that, but be careful - try twisting/turning the baffle and see if there is any give.

it looks more like a CBF600, and his sig agrees