Dumb ass PTW

Dumb riders… Grrrrr

Driving home this evening I saw a guy who would be classed as a typical Vespa rider (loafers, cream chinos, suede blazer and open faced half helmet). He was smoking on of those slim cigars and carrying a full set of golf clubs in a golf bag, which was flying all over the place. It looked so dodgy as those bags are huge. I thought “numpty” but as he passed me. But as he did pass me I saw he was texting on a mobile too!


What stupid things have you seen PTWs do (made it powered two wheelers as not to exclude scooters).

People are idiots. People are multi-modal idiots (idiots no matter which mode of transport they use).

The only thing to worry about is the idiots who can inflict carnage on others. I don’t mind pedestrians and pedal cyclists being idiots, they are most likely to suffer the consequences exclusively themselves. I get more upset by people in charge of 2 tonne Ranger Rovers being  idiots, and I’m furious at so-called professional drivers of 38 tonne HGVs being phone using idiots.

PTW’s? Does this include those three wheeled things?  The most annoying things I find of that class of rider; is the sitting in the blind spot; then blocking filtering by diving for the gap… I also can’t understand the lack of protection that most have.

I think texting while driving should be an instant ban.

I’m sorry Officer. I was just texting Desmond’s insurance company to make sure they had the bar tab covered after his hole in one :wink:

Abzero, I find those three wheeler ones the most dangerous in the city. They are usually absolute idiots that ride most dangerously. I reckon it’s because they get a false sense of security in thinking they can’t fall off.