Duel sport from Bilbao across the pyrenees to Collioure.

Im new to this forum and thought it would be good to start with a ride report.
Im also new to riding off road and thought it would be a good idea to buy a 1000cc off road bike (KTM 990 Adventure) and ride across the Pyrenees.
Me a two mates bought a road book from a company called Vibracion.org witch covered 450 km off road from Andorra to Collioure.
We set the road book up on a mates KTM 1190 and he navigated off road. I set my Garmin 660 to avoid motor ways and lead on road.
The trip was 7 days total and approx 1600 miles. And was a mixture of amazing twisty roads, River crossing muddy ruts and lose double tracks with shear drops.
We Started in Bilbao and headed East across the Pyrenees to Collioure then headed North to Calais.
I am amazed at the amount of trails in the Pyrenees and will be returning ASAP.

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Better get a 690enduro or 990 to come join you Luke. welcome to lb

Hi and Welcome Luke! Long time mate :slight_smile:

Link to pictures doesn’t work… you need to upload to http://www.photobucket.com or similar.

The Pyrenees are wonderful even on a road bike, we did Bilbao to Collioure several years ago and still have happy memories. We saw some Basque games at the west end, most impressive.

Welcome Flukey4. We’ve recently come back from a trip through the Pyrenee’s ourselves. It was stunning! Bit hot in Bilbao though at the time - 38 degrees!

Use a site like http://imgur.com to host the images and then paste the URL to the images in here and they’ll show.

Will get some pics up tomorrow. There is a road book that goes right over the Pyrenees. 14 days! Maybe next summer and maybe on a 690 lol.