Ducks are actually wearing dog masks




I can’t believe I never noticed that!

At first I thought it was just photoshop…but after randomly searching on the internet, it appears it is clearly true.

Even baby ducks have it…ahh

Me and wasp love a bit of duck;)

How can you look at that little biddy duckling and think that! That is just plain mean.

Agreed :smiley: will that be lunch on saturday? :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t look like they have dog masks on to me! :unsure: :smiley:

I’ll never look at another duck the same way again!:cool:

Surely this is wearing a aligator mask?:smiley:

lol, nice one

MMMMMMMMMMMM…i look at a duck and imagine that picture Tiggi;)
IN MY TUMMY…:hehe: