Ducati Streetfighter 848 for sale

Spring’s here and time to change things up, particularly as this little puppy isn’t getting much usage.

2012 bike with good extras on it - 

-CRG foldable levers, gilles rearsets, black pillion pegs, clear light smoke tail light, integrated led indicators, tail tidy, comfort seat and of course Termi’s.  7800 miles

Looking for £7,400


nice photos, it’s almost as if you’re a professional :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s next for you?

ha cheers mate.  got to love what an iPhone can do these days.

going retro  - Thruxton.  

Hot bike! Looks and sounds awesome. 

Cheers Jay.  Have to say in many respects its a better bike than what I’m getting.  Perhaps i’m getting old :wink:

We all are. Nowt wrong with trying something different either :slight_smile:

Jay, have you decided on what you are getting?

Damn I want this bike. Off to buy some wee red tickets tomorrow.

cheeky bump on this - anyone in the market?

I bet the last decent ride she had was to Le Mans lol good luck with the sale.

Apart from the ride to World Ducati Week in Misano with Susie on her triumph :wink:  Remarkably comfortable throughout considering.  Might have a been a little less pacey than the Le Mans trip :wink:

I’m in the market and it looks like a total porn machine, but I don’t have the necessary funds unfortunately. My next bike will be on trusty finance.