Ducati Panigale V2 Spider Rearsets & Clipons & Jetprime Switchgear

I installed these before doing the CSS L2 day recently, and was super chuffed with how they performed. Especially with the rearsets after the last eBay rearset debacle :rofl:

The rearsets are incredibly well made and went on nice and easy. Each part is replacable in the event of an off. The only mark against them is that there were no instructions provided and the stock rear brake spring is meant to be re-used, but I couldn’t get it back on, so have left it off, which doesn’t seem to have caused any issues.

The clipons are the 25mm offset variant, so not like the stock ones. These have the tubes mounted further forward and down. On top of that I also mounted them 22mm lower down the fork tubes than standard, so the position really puts me over the bike, which is what I wanted, to make cornering easy. I’ve also splayed the bars out more towards the horizontal for more leverage when hustling the bike through esses and the like.

Again, super high quality. Only mark against them is there were no instructions or torque settings for the bolts. I used the Ducati OEM torque settings, which seem to have done the job, and didn’t come loose when at the track (thank god).

Oh, I also had to cable-tie the front brake reservoir down a bit to stop it from rubbing against the front fairing, which it does even with the stock clipons for some reason. Now there’s no rubbing and steering is smoooth…

To go with the clipons, I got some Jetprime left and right race switch-gear, for that MotoGP look. They’re also tougher and easier to use at the track when you’re only concerned with a few things.

All bought from https://www.motorcycleraceparts.co.uk


very tasty

Looks fab!

That’s Tom Tunstals company, will get him another BSB round :slight_smile:

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Always happy to support the racers :slight_smile: