Ducati Panigale V2 Rearsets Installation

I wanted some aftermarket, adjustable rear sets for the V2, to improve control at the track (by adjusting the position of the pegs and levers, plus no folding pegs for more rigidity).

I took a punt on some £185 eBay special rear sets for the V2 that are basically a copy of Gilles rear sets for the V2, but half the price. These are half to five times cheaper than other known brands. They looked really good, though their auction listing made it clear that there were no instructions. No problem I thought, I can work it out. So I bought some. And… well, they’re a massive pain in the ass and they’ll have to go back :slight_smile:

They look smart. All the adjustments you’d expect from aftermarket rear sets. Nice carbon heel guards too.

Ummm… There’s no way to mount the rear brake piston to the rears, and the spring is full extended in this position, so useless.

More of the same.

I fashioned up a way to mount it to the rears, and applied additional compression to the spring to ensure the foot lever returns to the resting position. A win I thought!

But no, the rear brake does not actuate. The piston is positioned too far outside the cylinder, it needs to be able to push further into it.

Installed on the left-side. This actually worked nicely. Annoyingly though, the 25nm torque setting for the rearset-to-bike seemed too high and I stopped short of the click as it felt like the thread was starting to stress. Ayeeeeeeeee.

Currently in talks with the seller, to see if there’s missing parts, or if they’re just the wrong item, but it’s not looking good. They’ll have to go back.

That’s annoying, always a pain when parts you’re excited for don’t work out.

Aye, especially as it took me bloody ages getting them installed.
At least I know how to replace the rearsets now.

Have bought a new pair from a reputable retailer. Will send these back.