Ducati Panigale V2 Lithium Ion Battery Upgrade

Fitted a lithium ion battery to the Panigale V2. The Troy Bayliss special edition V2 comes with one, so this is about trying to match that, make it a bit lighter for the track.

The OEM one weighed 2550g and the new one 649g, so nearly a 2kg saving. Feels massive in hand.

Ignition turns on. Not tried starting it yet as it was a bit late. Maybe tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Are these numbers the right way round?

either way! 2KG that is insane!!!

Hahah, good spot. I’m tired :slight_smile:
Yea, huge difference. If noise limits weren’t so low nowadays at tracks, I would have swapped out the stock exhaust for a lightweight aftermarket one ages ago. The stock ones weigh a ton.

They are LI battery’s weigh Jack shit

Starts and runs fine. Of course, even though I have a dozen chargers and adapters, of course I don’t have the right combination and have to order yet another adapter for one of my Noco chargers to be able to trickle-charge it.

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and who said proprietary tech was dead!!

Noco make great chargers, but their use of proprietary connectors is a shameful practice.

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