Ducati Desmosedici RR

Generally, I’m not one to pass comment/give that much of a crap about what people are wearing … but is he wearing one piece leathers with trainers? :w00t:

he’s wearing dainese boots :doze:

If he was wearing a pretty print dress i’d still be looking/listening to the bike! :PIf you want to get sartorial - then personally I like the race leathers over the boots rather than tucked into boots.

I think the rising sun arai is a cracking design too - reminds me of a t-shirt I had in the 80’s - will have to get one.

yeah bad bike , guy who goes down Daytona motorcycles in ruislip on one RIDES IT TO WORK! :smiley:

£7000 the back wheel is


Quality! Nice to see someone using the thing rather than worshipping it in the garage like a religious object! ;):hehe:

Pretty sure I went past this very bike just after I left Silverstone, It sounded schweet!!!

I hope he doesn’t get it serviced there:w00t: