Ducati dealers

Hi all

Does anyone know of any Ducati dealers in London or any websites/forums I can delve into or know of anyone who is selling. I’ve set my heart on a Monster and I’m so ready to buy. Thanks DC

Try these guys. They do not always get the best reviews for customer service, but I believe are the only Ducati guys in town at the moment.


Alternatively these guys. They are out of town but I have bought from them before:


There’s also protwins: http://www.protwins.co.uk/

I was in there with a friend a few weeks ago and they had a shed load of the new monsters in there, but they were saying the were all sold at the time.

I hear the shop is good but not cheap, this is second hand information though.

BTW. The pearly white colour on the new monster is GORGEOUS!! :slight_smile:

It’s not in London it’s near Gatwick but worth a trip as these guys are great


Also do a search in the Praise and Shame section for the dealers that have been mentioned - it’s an eye opener…

Daytona in Ruislip are a ducati dealer and they had the new monster in when I was in there a couple of weeks ago.

Hyside, Romford. Ducati and KTM dealership

Red Dog Motorcycles in Potters Bar


I’m also looking at a Monster S2R 800 … :Wow:

Ya hooligan you;):smiley:

Jon had one, a 600 a few years ago but had trouble with his but I think it was a 97 model …

Do they still have that stupid side stand ?

Probably! :slight_smile:

Ducati Aylesbury/On Yer Bike are tip top, I can’t fault them, good staff (they remembered my name!! :D)nice ride to the showroom plus good spares back up.

Daytona Ruislip, avoid like the plague, horrible place, patronising staff & they never return calls. I was after some Duke spares a few months ago & they were breaking one & had started listing parts on Fleabay. It took me 2 weeks to actually find out who was in charge of breaking the bike, which is amazing considering there must be, at most, 5 people working there, how hard can it be? Overpriced & the coffee is shite.