dual shock 3

when it being released in europe?

Your Gay


if the question was “what do women respond whenever the sleeper tries one of his lines of em” then im sure you would be right

ur back! has it been 10 days already?! how was it?

According to Teletext’s GameCentral it’ll be released on 4th July :w00t: for £39.99 :w00t::w00t:

Sounds a bit soon to me, but then again they didn’t specify 2008.

lol, The us have had it since november (if im remembering right)! it came out with the 80gb version of the console (he 60gb re relased with its backwards compatibilty and card reading type snazzyness)us europeans get shafted with release dates on just about everything! may get a white one when it comes out…jus to be akward lol

haven’t they fixed the utterly crap PS3 controller yet? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, I know. I got one sent over from Hong Kong (I think) just after they came out. Cost me about £26 including postage :w00t:

Oh and if anyone finds the triggers uncomfortable, Play are now selling the Geotek Real Triggers. With rumble and those on it’s almost a good controller :wink: