DRZ electricals - what is this?

I’ve just installed some new rear indicators and fixed some shoddy wiring bodge job but am not sure about this one… goes into the main fuse so looks critical. I don’t see any metal crimp on the schematics so think this is another bodge that needs cutting out, soldering and heat shrinking. Thoughts?

Oh and for laughs here’s the rest of the electricals… there’s a optimate lead in there but some other 20 year old tat as well.

looks like a somewhat bodged connector, but it could have had a crimp on it, where does the other end go?

Yellow is mains gas supply :wink:


Left goes into wiring loom, right to main fuse and battery I think. Seems very dodgy to me. I don’t want to have to rely on that.

i can check mine tomorrow for similar if you want

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Would have been a ring terminal at some point so a battery point at least

Ah yes. Weird, as the schematic seems to suggest it should just go straight to the fuse. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong diagram. Need to get a service book I think.

Possibly the wiring has been bodged back together after an alarm has been removed?

Mine has the the fuse on a wire going from the starter solenoid (under the right side panel, opposite the battery), and the other end disappears into the loom under the tank. There’s no junctions on this, but I don’t have the original fuse holder (after mine melted) l. Is just reconnect it (or leave it if it looks secure and insulated)

Cool, thanks for checking Boris.

Can’t tell from the pic Jay, but take a look at the wiring from the regulator. May be someone has done the “free power mod” at some point. I didn’t bother, but it’s a well know way of gaining a bit more power into the charging system.

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Ah yes, I remember that. Whatever it is, it’s a poor electrical connection that needs replacing. Cheers all.