DRZ 400 new lock set fitted

So, like a dope I lost the single key for my DRZ-400S that I had. I searched high and low, couldn’t find it. Got annoyed, couldn’t find any decent second hand items on eBay so bought a new original Suzuki parts lock kit as the fuel cap didn’t lock anyhow and have wanted to fix that since I got her

The new parts took ages to arrived due the last bank holiday slowing down shipping, then the day it all turns up, Claire finds my old key in one of her shoes :tired_face:.

Still fit the new lock set. One key and no locking fuel cap is no way to live.

Old ignition barrel and mangled fuel cap

Okay, so I think I have an idea how my old DRZ got stolen. That was shockingly easy to replace the ignition barrel. Plugged in the new one and it came alive as the key was already “on”.

Oh look, more electrical bodgery from one of the previous owners

Don’t look too closely, there’s some sins in there

All done! new ignition barrel and fuel cap, plus two keys! Looks like the previous ignition barrel might not have been OEM as the markings were missing. That or worn off over time.

So now she lives again:

She’s been sat outside, covered over winter due to a lack of garage space (we’re fixing that) so has incurred a fair bit of rust on some bolts, rear brake disc and some chain lings (which was new a year ago!), so there’s some light maintenance to do there before taking her out for her MOT.

Oh and there’s a helmet strap lock to fit to the tail. I don’t have a bolt for it so will fit that another time. Not likely to get used, but it doesn’t sit right with me that the bike’s not as complete as it could be.


the marking wear off over time, mine have almost completly gone.

its not got an immobilizer, so the key is just a switch. Its why i always find it a bit strange when people dont use a lock.

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lock is an after thought by Suzuki for the UK market

it seems true of all the manufactures, no one seems to make a decent lock.

it feels like it would be easy to make an immobilizer that actually immobilizes (as in stops the bike moving).

that said, in the us they are only just getting what we call imobalizers, they have had dumb keys till now.

Interesting. I have only one key, and wanted a spare, but couldn’t get a copy made easily. Looks like for these dualsports it is just as easy to buy a new ignition barrel if you lose the key, and you don’t need the key to remove the old one.

Correct. It’s a quick job. Took me about 15 mins. Just have to take the front cowl off to get access to the electrical connector and away you go.

ive had no problem just walking into a timpsons. this was a few years ago though

Lock stock and one smoking exhaust

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