drunken antics

see now im ummm rather sobber… honest :smiley:

How many people after a nite on the razz can honestly say they can remember everything that they did and said and can even write without any mistakes… im impressed by myself so far, hope you are too…

just a discusion i had with someone else who cant remeber a damn thing yet was just as drunk as ones self on another nite, not tonite… thats a different story.

Anyway off the discusion… Sneaky i got some nice glasses from the only bar ive found to have hobgoblin… a case of i saw this while i was drunk and thought of you… :cool::hehe:


I can’t remember what being drunk is like now.

Its like running naked around Leicester Square…so I’ve heard!:Whistling:

there’s loads of bars selling hobgoblin at the mo what with halloween coming up

i had a fair few of them my self last night:w00t: i remember (just) going around Sainsbury’s just tucking in2 the stuff ummmm then the security guard come over but i was out of it he didn’t even seem bothered all thou ill prob be getting a bill in the post for 2 pasties and a bottle of 1664. i also have a odd memory of walking around the shop with a full pint from the pub and a cig in my mouth i don’t even wanna hear wot else i was doing when them lot finally wake up with a banging head…:hehe: still my bro had a good 21st :cool:

Hobgoblin’s my fave Ale!:cool: