dropped my helmet on hard floor

my shoei fell off my rear footrest the over week at ace (everyone near by made a oouuchh noise lol)
that noise you recognise as soon as a helmet hits the floor.

lucky for me the bike was on the side stand so the helmet fell maybe 20cm?

only damage was a tiny paint chip. and i will continue wearing it without the slightest doubt entering my head

It’s interesting reading this thread and seeing how many stars these helmets get in the new SHARP rating (helmet equivalent to the NCAP car safety rating)

Box BX2 - £50 - 4 stars

Shoei XR-1000 - £330 - 3 stars

I know these safety tests don’t account for comfort, wind noise, steaming up of visor, etc. etc. but if we’re passing judgement on head safety, then the Box wins.


Simply Put:*Box helmets are crap new old or custom fitted there crap, and id never sell one let alone wear one.

*Argos and Tesco helmets are also crap, thrown around trucks and stock rooms, the people selling them don’t treat them with care, to them its just another toaster, and if you get it form argos how do you know you have the best fitting helmet for your £40

*A dropped shoei cannot be checked and then used again.
This service is only for Arai’s it takes about two weeks is Free and they used to x-ray them, but now im sure its all down by hand using a few Arai custom tools.

*Putting £300 of helmet on your foot peg, mirror or seat is asking for trouble, why not just place it on the floor, rather than letting it smack into it. im certain your CBT teacher gave you that bit of advice too.

*Afro: Your lid sounds like it should be in the bin mate, why risk it esp when you don’t even have to pay full price for a new lid?

*You have only one head, you wouldn’t put your kids in a crap lid, so why take the same risk with yourself.

*<A class=SmlBoldLinks id=_ctl1_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater__ctl23_smAuthorName href=“http://londonbikers.com/forums/void(’’);” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;”>bbsmonk: If you really are strapped for cash, but want a good lid come see me, ill do you a decent discount on a shoei or Arai of your choice, offer open till this Monday lunch time.

the Artist :satisfied:

Personally I would agree with Shewolf. Rather the dropped Shoei than the £40.00 helmet. But then it’s up to you…Do you have the 200 smackers to replace it??:slight_smile:

You’re right big man…I’ll likely get rid after this year, as I’ll need something to withstand even more crashing than normal soon :smiley:

Here listen…If you can get me a Shoei Raid II for £150 or less, give me a shout.


thanks for your good advice, i’d go to see you for a decent helmet, if you can extend your deadline a bit:)

My Shoei Xr1000 dropped on to the floor today from at least a metre today, the paint is marked. Can’t see any other damage. I would replace it otherwise.

Fully understand the risk that the shell may be compromised from this drop, I may replace later but not right now.

The only thing that has become clear from all of this is that there are a lot of opinions out there, some pretty emphatic, but still just opinions so far.

I work on the “try not to find out” principle so I’m not a great judge of helmet safety. My GUESS is that it will be O.K. unless you put it to an extreme test. I’d still use it as it’s probably better than my un dropped HJC seeing how that scored on the latest tests.

Your choice mate.

Every bike owner must have dropped their helmet at least once. Buy a new one every time? Its bllcks in my opinion and good business for helmet makers.


if we go a bit further, can we say, the best protective helmet is helmetless, i.e., a state of mind or right attitude. if wearing a cheap helmet like mine makes me more aware of potential danger and more careful, the the cheap helmet is the best helmet:D the same thing can be said about my cheap protective clothes too:D

use it as an emergency backup only?

if it was dropped onto a pebble from a height enough to break/chip paint then i would have thouight the transfer of impact would have been more extreme than a simple spill onto a bigger surface area, increasing chances its fooked

If anyone has a nicely painted(with a few chip if nec) dropped lid they are thinking of binning would you please let me know as I have an idea for a hanging basket;)


Dont risk it mate and buy a good helemt like an arai or shoei. BOX are cheap nasty helmets

Has anyone actually heard of an instance where a helmet that had been dropped splitting during an accident, or at least not providing the protection it should have?

I split a crash helmet in two once but that wasn’t through biking, it was a skydiving incident, landed on my head :hehe:

I remember seeing one years ago in a mag but most people change prematurely so it won’t happen :slight_smile:

PM me a few days before you want your lid, I may still be able to help.

Just to add my little bit,

I had a “major incident” last year where by i hit a transit van after highsiding coming off a island. My fault completely.

But i smashed the wind screen with my Rossi Rep AGV, with out the usual bullshit blah blah. I estimate i left the bike at around 40mph and hit the van pretty hard. I was knocked out cold, and suffered some pretty serious injuries. After a few days in intensive care, and more weeks in hospital. I finally recovered enough to go home. (remarkably with only broken ribs and sternum, oh and collar bone)

…but the thing that was echoed constantly by doctors paramedics and police was my kit saved my life…and when i say saved i mean saved. So now im lucky enough to eat by myself, wipe my own arse, and even chat up the ladies.

If id not of worn a “safe” helemt things would have been much different…this effected me, so one day when i decided to sort out the blood ridden kit i decided to take a hacksaw to my helemt as it looked fine on the outside.

What i saw inside shocked me…the poly what ever it is was all distored, and rippled through outwards from where the impact had take place, The impact point was considerably smaller than the normal helmet liner.

I see, if you drop it…bin it.

You dont want your loved ones feeding you through a straw and helping you ****.

Nicely put.

As a side note…

see here


don’t drop your helmet