Droog Moto eFighter-v2

Anyone fancy a custom electric streetfighter? This one is based off the 2020 Zero DS bike and looks pretty damn Ace Cafe worthy to me, though it’s not targeted at mere mortals like us and instead seems made for footballers and movie stars considering the $40k price tag.

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Looks like something from the Dark Knight.

I like the look of it… Didn’t spot range on it but guess that’s not as important when you have $40k to burn

Looking at the Zero website it says this for the base model but can be made to go further with some bolt-ons:

What a beauty :fire:! Love it :heart_eyes:

Think I’d want minimum of 140 miles range before I’d consider electric.

We’re thinking about getting a car at the moment. In a car I’d want at least 250 miles range before considering full electric. To get to that you need to spend around £50k… so out of shot for the time being. Looking at PHEVs instead.

Not convinced by the solid wheels - makes it look like a toddler toy and can’t help when riding in a crosswind.

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Just spotted the promo shots show a guy with ripped jeans, full knee exposed. That’ll get the ATGATT crew’s blood pressures up :smiley:

The LED Light on (what would normally be) the radiator seems a weird position. Surely most of the at light gets wasted on lighting the tyre?

It’s a town bike, lights and long range are optional :slight_smile:

Ok on the range but it gets dark pretty quick around here… I’d want a light especially around some.of the shadier parts of town.

hmmm i love a naked bike. and i love a streetfighter… but that? Nope.
The tank is too square and what is with the front numberboard!

looks like something I’d make

You’re thinking of something like


Jesus that is ugly as sin.

@Serrisan no, would not be something like that as your picture shows a completed bike.

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