Driver Improvement Courses

Briefly the story is; I was rear ended (ooer!!!) on a 1 of the busiest roundabouts in Swindon by a car driver, who was not insured. I was on a hired pan european. Bus and car coming round and this car just banged into the back of me pushing me into the middle of the roundabout. Only the quick thinking and reactions of both bus driver and the car driver stopped me from becoming a pancake.Well I just got a letter from the plod there and they are offering this twat a driver improvement course. “Sufficiently blameworthy to justify Police action…In veiw of poor driving judgement…etc etc”

This 4srehole could have killed me and they want to retrain him…whilst he keeps his licence!!! Is that right??? Do these things work??? :ermm:

I know 1 person who attended 1 of these courses and he said it was ********. The only reason he slowed down was feul economy.